Whatsapp Plus Apk v17.85 New Version [May 2024] – Stunning Features

In the world of messaging applications, WhatsApp Plus APK has proved its worth in a very short period. Its fame rose right after its development, reached the sky, and faded all other messaging applications. 

Whatsapp Plus is among the favorite and widely used mod versions of WhatsApp. The effort of its developer was crystal clear to me when I used WhatsApp Plus APK on my Android phone for the first time.

Keep reading the article and stay on the page to get comprehensive information about WhatsApp.


Whatsapp Plus


V 17.85





Brief Introduction of Whatsapp  Plus

Whatsapp plus mod apk is a feature-packed application often used on Android phones to establish communication with near and dear ones. Its basic purpose is to provide users with unlimited features and settings to relax while using the app.

Developer of Whatsapp  Plus APK

Rafalete developed the Whatsapp Plus app in 2012. Little is known about Rafalete. He was part of a multinational community named “XDA Developers.” Rafelete worked for this Android-dedicated community and, finally, gave the people relief by transforming WhatsApp into Whatsapp Plus. 

I as a user of Whatsapp plus APK appreciate his efforts to provide extra features. Though it wasn’t easy or peasy, he did it with grace.

Requirements to download Whatsapp Plus

Requirments for downloading and installing Whatsapp plus

Method to download WhatsApp plus the latest version

People have difficulty downloading WhatsApp Plus’s new version because of the unexplained steps. I experienced this when I first tried to download the app. 

Following are the straightforward steps to download the app.

  • Press the download button one time, as given above.
  • The file will start downloading in the backend.
  • Please download the file only once. If you only press the download button more than once, the file will be downloaded multiple times.
  • Please be patient! Depending on your internet connection speed, the file will be downloaded within a few seconds/minutes.
  • “Download Completed” indicates that the file has been downloaded to your Android.

Procedure to Install Whatsapp Plus new version

After receiving the notification “Download Completed” on your Android screen, the next crucial moment for Android users is to install Whatsapp Plus’s new version.

Before installing the app, consider the abovementioned requirements to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Touch on the app file you recently downloaded from the above link.
  • The pop-up will be visible on your phone, having two prominent buttons: “Install” and “Cancel.”
  • You have to touch the “Install” option.
  • Show calmness at this moment. Whatsapp plus mod APK will be installed within a few moments.
  • Now, you are done with the installation process.

Initial productive actions to use WhatsApp Plus for first time

It is always a moment of happiness and curiosity for me to use some app for the first time. The same will be the thing for you in this matter. 

After installing WhatsApp Plus, you must proceed with the process of using the app for the first time. I have discussed some points that need to be addressed. 

  • Enable your device’s internet connection and open the app.
  • Write down the mobile number of the person you want to make your WhatsApp number.
  • Click on the “Next” option. 
  • Now, Whatsapp administration will verify your mobile number by sending a 6-digit code to your number via phone or message.
  • The speed of your internet connection determines whether you will receive the code on your mobile phone. If you haven’t received it yet, you can resend it.
  • Enter the code, and you will be verified for using a WhatsApp account.
  • After verification, you must set your name and profile picture, which can be changed later.
  • Now, your Whatsapp account is ready for use.

Process to update WhatsApp plus

WhatsApp Plus often launches the latest version with numerous options. As a user of Plus WhatsApp, you need to update the app if you want to switch from WhatsApp Plus’s old version to a new one.

To update WhatsApp Plus regularly, visit my website and find the latest version download link. You can also update the app within the settings in the updates section.

What does Whatsapp Plus look like?

Whatsapp Plus’s icon looks like the official Whatsapp icon, but both Whatsapps differ in icon color. The icon of WhatsApp has a White and light blue combination. On the other hand, the icon of the original Whatsapp has white and green shades. 

WhatsApp Plus for Android

Whatsapp Plus is only compatible with Android devices with a minimum version of Android 4.5 or above. This app’s compatibility with Android is due to its permission to download and use third-party apps from unknown resources other than the Google Play Store. 

Though there are potential risks in this matter, the ball is in the users’ court whether to take the risk or play safely by using authenticated apps. Notable here is that all third-party apps also claim to provide security to their users.

WhatsApp Plus for iOS

Unfortunately, iOS(the iPhone Operating system) does not allow the use of WhatsApp Plus for iPhones and iPads because it is a third-party app. Some users successfully used the app on their iPhones by trying methods like Jailbreaking and using other apps. 

However, I do not recommend using WhatsApp Plus for iOS by trying different tricks for my visitors because your security is my priority.

Screenshots of Whatsapp Plus

Features of Whatsapp Plus

It is worth considering that people use mod versions like Whatsapp, even though they are third-party apps. What attracts them to do so?

Numerous features are available in Whatsapp plus free download, which amuses and relaxes people while using the app. 

I will provide a 360-degree view of all the basic and premium features of WhatsApp Plus apk download. This detailed explanation will help you to download Whatsapp Plus latest version.

Helpful features for busy – professional people

Handle Multiple accounts within App

Allowing users to handle multiple accounts in WhatsApp has also proved to be a Sisyphus task for the developer. Before this era, it was tough to crack the nut by repeatedly cloning WhatsApp to handle multiple logins.
Now, professionals and busy workers whose work is related to outreach are in easy hands. They can perform their work within one app instead of switching from one WhatsApp application to another.

Scheduling delivery of messages

If you want to be punctual like clockwork, this feature is for you regarding timely message delivery. Some professionals have a memory like a sieve and often forget to deliver messages on time. 
By scheduling the delivery of messages, you can keep your nose clean in your workspace or office. 

Automated Reply to Messages

Whatsapp Plus eases its users’ lives by providing an auto-reply feature. If you are a busy lad or live in an area where you face internet connectivity issues, then you must have been tense in the past due to not replying to messages.
With the Auto Reply feature, you can predefine the reply you want to send to the people you are connected to on WhatsApp. This feature will even work offline. You can also send tailored messages to the people.

Activation of In-Flight Mode

In-flight mode, also called Airplane mode, can be utilized by busy bees who do not want to receive messages and calls on WhatsApp while being online. You can enable and disable this feature from the main screen without any trouble and perform your work without interruption.

Defining the access of Call

My favorite feature is defining the access to the Call and who can call you or not. This feature is tailored for celebrities and busy people who cannot attend everyone’s calls.
Utilizing this feature allows one to customize the call settings received. After customizing the settings, one will not be exasperated by receiving too many calls.

Remove the “forwarded” indicator

Forwarded tags are a headache for some professionals who often send messages to others and want to send messages without letting them know that someone has forwarded the message.
Whatsapp + facilitates you in removing the forwarded indicator with the messages and making that message more unique without this tag. 

Swipe for quick options

Swipe row for quick options and actions is convenient for professionals who want to access different options quickly. This option was available in other apps in the past, but now you can use it in Whatsapp Plus. 
By swiping the row right and left, you can delete messages, mute the chat, and do a lot of quick options. A big no to long press and finding the options to act when you have the swipe row option. 

Features to beautify the UI of Whatsapp Plus

The stock of Wide Range Themes

It is human nature to be attracted by colors and styles. I also feel stuck using the same Whatsapp user interface. That’s why I keep changing the themes available in the stock of Whatsapp Plus to feel relaxed while using the app.

Amalgam of Emojis

I consider Emojis representatives of human emotions. While chatting, we often show our emotions through emojis. Mixed and varied emojis are integrated into Whatsapp Plus, i.e., Whatsapp, iOS new 2024, Facebook, Android 0, and system beta. 
These are not quite identical twins. You can use it however you choose.

Visual Style of Text

This feature plays a crucial role in beautifying the user interface of Whatsapp Plus. Using various font styles and Text can help you read the Text very clearly and provide an aesthetic feel while using the app.
If you are a passionate user of WhatsApp Plus, certain text visual styles will not bore you with the app.

Enlarge the Text message within the original WhatsApp plus

Adjusting the size of the text messages within the app was a feature that was absent in WhatsApp. If you want to enlarge the Text message according to the theme you are using and your choice, go to WhatsApp plus download and utilize this feature without pursuing the settings of your Android or utilizing a third-party app.

Privacy Controls and Encryption-Related Features

Pause Last seen

In Whatsapp Plus, the last seen of being online is available for everyone. Most people do not want to show their last online session. For this purpose, Whatsapp Plus has a feature to pause the last seen. By utilizing this feature, you can control your last viewing of WhatsApp.

See and Save deleted Whatsapp statuses

It’s always irritating for me when I miss a Whatsapp status of someone and they delete it immediately while using official Whatsapp. Whatsapp Plus allows us to watch and save the statuses of our contacts, even if they are deleted immediately.

Ability to read trashed/deleted messages

It was always irritating for me when someone deleted messages for everyone. But after switching from official Whatsapp to Whatsapp Plus, I felt relief at being able to read deleted messages. You can read those messages without using any other source.

Anti-view Once

The introduction of the Anti-View Once feature was to remove the limit on access to sent media. Without the anti-View Once feature, you can view the media only once if someone has sent you a View-Once message.

Enhanced Privacy Options

Whatsapp Plus and other mod versions are usually used due to control over hiding blue ticks, hiding view status, and even you can hide typing. 
Hide Blue tick will enable you to show that you haven’t read the message. 
The hide view status option will enable you to pretend that you haven’t seen someone’s Whatsapp status, but actually, you see the status in privacy.
When using the “hide typing” option, your typing status will not be visible to the next person, whether you are typing a message to them or not.

No Blue tick before a reply

The motif behind this feature was to read messages secretly without letting people know and control turning ticks blue. A blue tick indicates on WhatsApp that the person has read the message. Using the blue tick after the reply feature will not turn blue until you reply to the relevant person.

Features related to Protective lock

Individual Chat Lock in WhatsApp plus

It is an enhanced feature related to protecting your chats. In WhatsApp, you can set a password and fingerprint on an individual’s chat to keep it more private and secure. This feature is reliable for locking dedicated chats.

Set Password/pin/fingerprint on the Whatsapp Plus app

Protecting the dedicated chats repeatedly is a bit time-consuming for the person who wants to secure their data on WhatsApp Plus. Instead of utilizing the above feature, lock the app. 
Setting a password on the app means the dedicated app will be protected with a lock instead of chats. You must enter the password/pin when using WhatsApp Plus APK. 

Verification through two steps

Two-step verification or authentication is a similar feature available in WhatsApp. You can enable two-step verification from the settings and set a 6-digit PIN code to protect your account with an extra layer of security. 
You must remember the password to access your account because WhatsApp regularly requires a code after a couple of days and will ask you to enter the code when you create a new Whatsapp Plus account.

Customizations available in Whatsapp Plus

Main Screen Customization

Chat background Customization

Privacy measures customization

Notifications customization

Navigation Bar customisation

File Sharing Limit customization

Comparison between Whatsapp Plus and Official  Whatsapp

Comparison between whatsapp plus apk and official whatsapp
Comprehensive comparison of Whatsapp Plus APK in certain aspects with the original Whatsapp


Whatsapp plus APK, a messaging application with quality features, is the priority of users nowadays. In the above article, I have comprehensively discussed the method to download and install WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android and its usage concerning its top-notch features.

The choice of its users is to decide to use third-party apps like Whatsapp’s latest version of the anti-ban. Whatsapp Plus ensures its users about the safety of its user’s data. 


In my experience, using WhatsApp Plus with official WhatsApp depends on your Android. Some Androids allow both, but many do not.

WhatsApp Plus mod app, a third-party messaging application, ensures its users about their safety. On their claim, we can consider its usage and installation safe.

Whatsapp Plus app is a modified version of Whatsapp developed by a third-party developer. That’s why it is not available on Google Play Store.

This problem may have certain reasons. Slow internet connection, shortage of Android memory, and compatibility problems with your Android version are some common problems that cause WhatsApp Plus to stop downloading. 

WhatsApp plus APK installation error you are facing may have some reasons. Check the file you downloaded to see whether it is valid or not. Then, ensure an internet connection is enabled during the installation process.

Users try to download and use WhatsApp Plus mod apk due to its easy-to-operate user interface and the availability of extra features like hiding chats and groups, saving WhatsApp statuses, etc.

Whatsapp Plus can be downloaded and used on Android devices only. It is not compatible with iPhones and iPads having iOS.

Whatsapp Plus is legal to download and use as a legal application. However, it is important to remember that it is a third-party application developed by a private developer.