WhatsApp Plus For Pc [May 2024] – Easy Download Process

WhatsApp Web is easily accessible on PCs and laptops. However, users are interested in using mod versions of WhatsApp, like Whatsapp Plus for PC, Windows 7/8/10/11. No need to worry; now you will be able to use and download Whatsapp Plus on PCs and laptops.

I need your interest in reading this article because I am going to share my experience using Whatsapp Web and Whatsapp Plus for Windows 7/8/10/11 on PCs and laptops.  

Why do people tend to use WhatsApp plus for Pc

Users with Plus Whatsapp on their mobile phones try to get the same Interface, whether they want to use Whatsapp on Windows or another mobile phone. Whatsapp Plus, by Raffelete and Heymods, offers an extra topping of reliable features, which is why users use WhatsApp Plus mod apk instead of other mod versions.

Methods to use Whatsapp plus on PC

My choice is to explain the two easiest methods to use WhatsApp Plus on PCs and laptops, which are my favorite ways and which I have experienced. 

1) Use Whatsapp Plus via Whatsapp Web

This is a hybrid but easy-peasy method for those who don’t want to indulge in some creative stuff for using WhatsApp Plus on a PC. Through this method, you can link WhatsApp’s account and WhatsApp’s web and use WhatsApp on your personal computer.

However, using this method, you will not find the extra features of Whatsapp plus apk on your PC.

  • Search “Whatsapp Web” on your browser and open the first result. 
  • Open WhatsApp Plus on your Android and access linked devices to link your account to WhatsApp web via a QR code.
  • The chats will be loaded on your PC/laptop as per the strength of your internet connection.

2) Download Whatsapp plus Via Android Emulator 

Android emulators are software that virtually transform laptops and PCs into Android operating systems. People who enjoy using Android-dedicated apps on their computers use Android emulators like Blue Stacks, LD Player, and others. 

You can use and download WhatsApp Plus via an Android emulator and enjoy extra features on the computer.

  • You can download and install any authentic Android emulator (BlueStacks, LD player, etc.) on your PC. 
  • Sign in to the Android emulator using a Google Account.
  • Download Whatsapp Plus for PC by clicking on the download button I have given above. 
  • Install WhatsApp Plus APK on your PC after downloading the file.
  • Now, You can use WhatsApp Plus on Windows 7/8/10/11 on your PC/laptop.


By utilizing the above methods, you can easily download Whatsapp Plus for PC without facing any errors. Both methods will work for all the users. Now, the ball is in your court about choosing the method to use WhatsApp Plus for PC.